Zoning Board Of Appeals
Zoning Board Meets on Request


Shawn Bueche                      Member
David Sanders                      Member
Jenice Deming                     Member
Pavel Mendlik                      Member
Ellen Rodman                      Planning Commission Representative

What is the Zoning Board of Appeals?

The Zoning Board of Appeals was formed to hear appeals in matters relating to zoning ordinances and to review ordinance interpretations made by the Planning Commission. Because the Board acts somewhat like a court, it is called a quasi-judicial body and is required to follow accepted procedures and to fairly evaluate the relevant facts in each case that comes before it. Zoning Board of Appeals members are appointed by the Village President and approved by Village Council for a term of three years. The Zoning Board of Appeals is supported by an administrative staff that receives and reviews applications. The Chesaning Village Office Staff is also responsible for sending out notification of pending appeals to interested parties. The Village of Chesaning contracts with a Zoning Administrator who works off-site and is responsible for overseeing appeals and helps the board to interpret zoning questions required by law/ordinance.